Raquel Da Silva

Artist member since 2018
Toronto, Ontario

Raquel Da Silva is a Toronto based artist, working primarily with painting and installation. Currently studying painting at OCADU, Raquel has been able to combine her interests of super flat painting, 2D animation and street art to develop her current visual language. Da Silva’s work is focused on forming a connection between the digital and analogue, and how the two play a role in the high and low arts. Raquel has recently participated in the Artist Project 2018 UNTAPPED artists, as well as several group exhibitions, at galleries such as Only One Gallery and Northern Contemporary. Raquel has also won the support from several grants such as CUE, JVS, and Art Reach and will be participating in the 2018 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition.Raquel will also be working as one of the first cycle of resident artists for the Akin x MOCA Museum artist residency.

Upcoming Exhibitions
Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition



MOCA Museum


Painting and Animation